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Fake Destructor v1.2
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2012-08-08 17:33:33 GMT

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Two Summers ago I decided to create an iphone app based on some special fx R and D I was doing. Somewhere along the line while doing R and D I wound up building a 3d iphone with 3d icons so I could get particle physics (flame) to interact and flow around the iphone icons. It turned out pretty neat. I thought, wouldn't this make a cool little goof for the iphone crowd. Just fire engulfing your iphone didn't seem like a fully proper app so I went about creating diePod. I decide to create an app that used different dangerous scenarios to "FAKE" the destruction of your iphone. Perhaps you wanted to pretend that you were a spy who did not want the iphone getting into the wrong hands... I don't know, man. It's your fantasy! I thought if I could do 4 different scenarios that it might be worth 99 cents. It seemed better to me than a fart machine anyway. I created a four button app that would destroy your phone either by fire, flood, freezing, or frying (electricity). I toiled away for a great period of time .... months and months in my spare time. About a month before I was finished Apple comes out with their voluminous tome that is the Apple IOS SDK Guidelines for what is and is not acceptable as an app. To say the least they are very strict. In hindsight I didn't have a snowballs chance in hell of every getting this through the review process. I tried and it was rejected time and time again. each time for different reasons. I'm going to make a long story quite short. Needless to say I decided that I wanted this app to be seen. Never mind how much time I had spent on it. Apple wasnn't going to approve it's sale. Hip hip hurray for Fart Machines.... Very Classy.. But my cute little app was going to cause too much confusion. Are peeps that stupid as to think that their phones were really going to... BUT i digress. Therefore with a kind fondness for the JAILBREAK crowd, I decided to release it for free to anybody with a jail broken system that wanted it.


This is a legit free app I created for the Iphone go here for more info. Click on Fake Destructor. Any questions?