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BLACK PANTHER 001-062 (1998-2003) COMPLETE plus Extras (REQUEST)
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Black Panther Christopher Priest Mark Texeira The Crew Marvel Comics Presents Panther's Quest Don McGregor Gene Colan

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BLACK PANTHER v3 001-062 (1998-2003)

and these extras:

BLACK PANTHER v3 036 (alternate scan including 100 Page Monster reprints)

Story from MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS 013-037 (1989) - Black Panther - Panther's Quest - by Don McGregor, Gene Colan, and Tom Palmer - 244 pages

THE CREW 001-007 (2003-2004)


From Wikipedia:

Writer Christopher Priest's and penciller Mark Texeira's 1998 series The Black Panther volume 3 utilized Erik Killmonger, Venomm, and other characters introduced in "Panther's Rage" (a 1970s Panther story from the series Jungle Action), together with new characters such as State Department attorney Everett Ross, the Black Panther's adopted brother, Hunter, and Panther's protege, Queen Divine Justice. The Priest-Texeira series was under the Marvel Knights imprint in its first year. Priest said the creation of character Ross contributed heavily to his decision to write the series. "I realized I could use Ross to bridge the gap between the African culture that the Black Panther mythos is steeped in and the predominantly white readership that Marvel sells to," adding that in his opinion, the Black Panther had been misused in the years after his creation.

The last 13 issues (#50-62) saw the main character replaced by a multiracial New York City police officer named Kasper Cole, with T'Challa relegated to a supporting character.

This Black Panther, who became the White Tiger, was placed in the series The Crew, running concurrently with the final few Black Panther issues. The Crew was canceled with issue #7.

According to Christopher Priest's pitch, The Crew was about four hardened heroes who had all lost their families. Four men who came together initially out of self-interest, but would soon discover their commonality of loss. The Crew were all, in one way or another, orphans. These men were intensely dedicated to their respective goals, but each had a hole in their center. The Crew would have highlighted each man's personal evolution to their state of grace.


It took so long !?! ... Hahaha I've been looking for this run for a couple of years now. And you delivered it within a week (including the Crew-run)!! I can easily manage to wait for so long :) I can finally stop raiding my longboxes and just read this excellent run of Priest's Black Panther on my Ipad :)

So thank you very much for uploading this!
Awesome, awesome, awesome. This is a great collection!
well I felt like it was a long time. :-P

i have never read this, but i will now.

by the way, for anyone who never watched it, the marvel knights black panther animated series is well worth renting or buying (the torrents on TPB seem flawed). it was based on hudlin and romita jr.'s BP volume 4, and it's like $9 on amazon.
Thank you very much for this. You're the man. Can you upload this one please? It's the third volume of Black Panther from 2005.
Amazing work as always STF! Thanks a million! +1
Hamster-X, you're welcome. johnnyisawesome1234, i think i can hook you up.
johnnyisawesome1234, here ya go:
VonStone, I've got those Peter David Captain Marvels, just downloading some bonuses to go with 'em. Might get them up tomorrow.